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laundry room with washer and dryer setCall us for immediate washer dryer repairs service. If you searched for Frigidaire washing machine repair, Maytag dryer repair, LG washing machine repairs, front load washer dryer repair or any combination of washer and dryer repair you came to the right place. Our technicians are extremely knowledgeable about working on washing and drying machines and we have the tools to service laundry machines and get you back up and running. Washer and dryer setwasher dryer


Top Loader Washer Not Spinning? Washer not draining? or simply washer not working?

Just about every washer made has a safety feature called a lid switch. If the lid switch is collapsed or obviously faulty then it will keep the machine from spinning and in some cases draining as well. The lid switch is a very simple switch in that it is a simple break of electricity that is on the way to supply power to the motor. If the switch does not continue the circuit then the motor can not perform its function. This is a common problem with washers. For Maytag washer repairs, Sears washing machine repair, Kitchenaid washer repair or Frigidaire washing machine repair call us if you would like us to fix these problems.

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Front Loader Washer Reading error code due to soap Measures? Washer reading error code?

This is the most common problem made by consumers today when switching to the front load washer they are usually not comprehensive to the fact that the smaller amount of water used by a high efficiency machine will create more suds from the soap used. The problem with this is that these machines have many sensors and these sensors send data to the processing unit or computer and if you are using even a little too much soap then these types of machines are designed to trigger an error response that may leave the machine in an error state and unuseable until you reset it. Most machines come with directions of how to reset the computer. For front load washer dryer repair, front load washer and dryer repairs stackable units call us to get your washer serviced immediately.

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Dryer Heating but Not Drying the Clothes? Dryer not heating?

This is the most common problem with dryers and the number one cause of damage to a dryer is lint build up. A dryer needs 3 things to dry clothes 1. Heat. Without heat the dryer takes hours to dry clothes completely. 2. Air flow. Think of the clothes line you or your parents used years ago on a windy day clothes dryed much faster because of the air flowing through the fabric's threads. 3. Tumbling action. Tumbling is much like air flow but it is basically keeping a consistent amount of air on all sides of the fabric at all times. If you are missing any one of these elements then the dryer is not going to dry the clothes. Air flow through the dryer ventilation is probably the most important of all. When you get build up of lint then that will make the ventilation OBSTRUCT and hence drying will slow down. For Maytag dryer repair, LG dryer repair, GE dryer repair and all other laundry repairs call us now. We also do stackable washer dryer repair and all frontloader washer repairs and frontloader dryer repairs

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