Policy and Warranty Information

Policy and Warranty


  1. 1 Year Warranty on all sealed system repairs. This includes compressor replacement and installation, freon leak repairs (Stop Leak, copper line replacement or coil replacement). Warranty includes Parts and Labor.
  2. All repair costs are non-refundable and customer will be provided with necessary osts to do additional repairs in order to make any appliance repaired by us in working condition mechanically.
  3. Stop Leak Repairs that do not correct freon leaks are completely transferrable toward coil replacement as a credit only. This credit allowance is the total amount paid for the repair minus a labor fee of $192.
  4. 6 Months Warranty on replaced parts only (covers parts and labor). Warranty is for documented part listed on customer invoice in the itemized details of work done section.
  5. All Appliances that are (with agreement by customer) brought back to our shop to repair are subject to additional cost for transporting. Once evaluated and diagnosed the customer will be given the estimate and has 5 days to decide to repair or not repair any said machine. Once 5 days has past due the cost for storing the machine can be applied or our company will throw it away or do whatever we see fit or necessary to make room for new arrivals. 
  6. Palm Beach Appliance Repair technicians are the only technician that should do any repairs to your appliance after you agree to and sign our invoice. If any other technician or person (qualified or not) other than the technician from Palm Beach Appliance Repair attempts to fix, alter, modify or disassemble your appliance the warranty will be void with absolutely no exceptions.
  7. Palm Beach Appliance Repair technicians take all precautions possible when moving, servicing or tanspoting your appliance. This policy is in fact stating that we are absolutely NOT responsible for any damages done to your floors, cabinets, walls, ceilings, moldings, painted surfaces, stained surfaces, polished surfaces, or other appliances near the one being repaired.
  8. If our technician informs you (our customer) that parts replaced could possibly be defective due to a power surge or power outages then it is mandatory that you install a surge protection device for the warranty to be honored by our company. Appliances are becoming more and more sohisticated and the electronics are paralleled with these complexities thus there is a necessity to protect your appliances with the proper protective devices.
  9. Our technicians will make as many necessary trips and attempts to repair your appliance even if the labor outweighs the cost of a new appliance. We must be given the opportunity to make as many attempts deemed necessaary to finish and complete the repair. Once the invoice and estimate is signed and agreed upon "You" (our customer) must make someone available for the technician on every occasion (within reason) to return to finish the repair or all payment